Modular Conical Sieves

Modular conical sieves

The FILAC conical filtering sieves are modular and have the following features:

  1. machining of each element
  2. slots placed along the cone profile for the overall conical surface
  3. self cleaning slots


diversi sett-3 diversi_sett-2 diversi_settori



The modular conical sieves are used on conical surfaces with filtration direction from inside to outside.

The cylindrical-conical continuos pusher centrifuges, in which the product movement is achieved by a screw or pendulum type centrifuges are typical applications.
Other applications on conical surfaces are possible if required

conico 2 conico 3 conico 4

Techincal features: 

angle relative to the coneaxis : 8-12-14-16 deg. and more on demand
tickness : da 4 a 15 mm e più
luci : da 0,05 a 4 mm e più
pitch at the top of each
element :
da 2,5 a 10 mm e più
composizioni : truncated cone surfaces of any size, with elements welded together on supporting profiles
materials: AISI 316 L, 317, 321, SAF 2205, 904  L,

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